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Located in the city's center, our dental office is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, two dental units and modern sterilization that comply with European standards.  Our specialty is complex oral rehabilitation requiring clinical examination and laboratory analysis in order to arrive at a comprehensive medical portrait. Based on the medical status unique to each patient we propose a plan of dental treatment offering a variety of technical and cost options. While consultation is the first step in oral rehabilitation, sound clinical diagnosis requires a second phase of radiology and dental X-RAY.  When treatment with dental implants is necessary, radiological examination includes 3D CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography).  Our office uses a variety of implants and the highest quality materials such as the zirconia ceramic holder, and ceramic crowns, assuring the most pleasing outcomes in cosmetic dentistry. Throughout treatment, using methods unique in Romania such as immediate loading of dental implants and their intraoral solidarity during osseointegration, we maintain your natural appearance.  Once a treatment plan has been established and agreed to, the next step is painless curative and reconstructive surgery meant to prepare the mouth for prosthetic and functional aesthetics. The treatment plan includes endodontics, periodontics and prevention (such as scalings and cleanings). Dr. Gregory Lazarescu and his team are ready to restore your smile! Request an immediate appointment to enjoy the benefits of oral rehabilitation!
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