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Clinical case 1
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Provisional long-lasting restoration on implant support Intraoral welding of titanium bar - unique technique in Romania Patient M.G. is coming to the dental office with physiognomic appearance deteriorated due to multiple partial edentulous maxilla and mandible. Fig. 1 - Initial clinical aspect of regulation front, there are seen tartar and stain in the upper teeth, all teeth have gingival retraction root exposure. Remaining teeth shows periodontal damage grade II with mobility in the upper teeth. After presenting several treatment options the patient chose the fixed prosthetic implants. Fig. 2 - To present the final appearance of future patient’s prosthetic restorations and to determine the upper teeth vestibular curvature the laboratory uses wax and fit prefabricated teeth study model. Fig. 3 - After extraction of the upper teeth, implant insertion and mounting of metal cylinders therefor, shall be an intraoral welded titanium bar 2mm diameter metal cylinders to show solidarity.Fig. 4 - In order to improve the rigidity of the steel structure it was welded extra oral on the model another titanium bar in vestibular placement. The physiognomic component is made of acrylic on this metal structure. Fig. 5 - Appearance intraoral deck screwed. We made one last adjustment in occlusion, finishing and polishing. This bridge will serve as interim prosthetic for the next months. Fig. 6 - Patient with prosthetic provisional aesthetic, result is now satisfactory. The patient will return in a few months to finalize the upper arch prosthesis. Meanwhile the implants are Osseo integrating and the patient gets used to the new aesthetic. <<< back to clinical cases