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Clinical case 3
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Provisional long-lasting restoration on implant support / Intraoral welding of titanium bar - unique technique in Romania / Prosthetics final - ceramic zirconia support Fig. 1 - Patient H.N. aged 45 years is coming to the dental office with partial edentulous mandible and maxilla interspersed accompanied by periodontal disease manifested by gingival retraction and tartar. Patient requires prosthetic treatment to obtain exceptional physical appearance because in a few months she is going to marry. After several treatment plans are presented (including mobile versions) the patients chose fixed prosthetic with dental implants. Fig. 2 - After the extractions were made, the dental implants were inserted. After that the abutments have been tightened with a torque wrench at 30 Nm using Teflon tape inside the prosthetic abutments and then blocked with temporary filling material. Fig. 3 - The insertion of implants and prosthetic fitting and screwing these abutments is followed by intraoral welding of titanium bar on oral side, maxillary and mandible. We used 2 bars with a diameter of 2 mm in the maxilla and one bar with the same diameter for the jaw. Fig. 4 - Temporary restoration in acrylic mouth was cemented with temporary cement. At 6 months after surgery were performed both fixed prostheses in the maxilla and mandible, zirconia ceramic backing. Fig. 5 - Appearance front of ZrO2 support the jaw and the lower jaw, the mouth. Fig. 6 - Final appearance in the mouth with prosthetics in occlusion. Note that the midlines of the prosthetics are coinciding. The patient was pleased with the new look Esthetic!Our motto is: Yes, we can! <<< back to clinical cases