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Clinical case 4
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Over denture of long duration of the prosthesis on implants anchored deployable at maxillae and fixed prosthetic at mandible. Patient J.H. is coming to the dental office for inspection and request to improve the functional and physiognomic aspect. After the consultation it is proposed to him several treatment options (mobile prosthesis, fixed prosthetic) and the patient agrees to surgery, implant and prosthesis with denture anchored on implants for maxillae and fixed prosthetic for mandible. Fig. 1 - Preoperative radiological imagine, the initial situation is observed: the presence of multiple edentulous spaces, angulation remaining teeth that have closed in the lateral region breaches edentulous jaw and deep chronic marginal periodontitis (gum and bone retraction underlying risk of dental avulsion). Fig. 2 - Clinical aspect after insertion of implants, abutments, prosthetic fitting and screwing on them, followed by suture, in quadrant IV. Fig. 3 - Cementation two provisional prosthetic implant support and titan bar. Fig. 4 - Apply prosthetic abutments after removing temporary works and also mark to realize the definitive works on 6 months of implant insertion. Fig. 5 - The maxillae are impressed - transfer abutments are anchored in the mouth with transparent acrylic. Fig. 6 - Check Intraoral definitive prosthetics and silicone cement grouting lower arch. Fig. 7 - Extra oral appearance aspect of long term restorations, standard front. <<< back to clinical cases