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Clinical case 5
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Definitive prosthesis supported on zirconia ceramics Fig. 1 - Patient D.M. is coming to the dental office requesting prosthetic treatment to enhance their aesthetic and functional (quadrants I and IV are in reverse occlusion). Fig. 2 - The model of study is performed in the laboratory mock - up in upper arch to meet the aesthetic requirements of the patient but also to the functional (solving the inverse initial report of occlusion of teeth in quadrants I and IV). Fig. 3 - Teeth were polished; they were impressed for making temporary restoration for long duration (3 months) aimed at finding and study of occlusion and aesthetic desires of the patient. Fig. 4 - After 3 months the final prosthetic restorations are made of ceramic ZrO2 support. During this time we studied to determine occlusion and precise aesthetic requirements of the patient. It is checked the adjustment of ZrO2 support metallic prosthetic abutments. Fig. 5 - Finally aesthetic restoration was done with pink ceramic for the bottom of the canine because the patient did not want surgery to fix the problem with gum grafts. <<< back to clinical cases