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Clinical case 8
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Provisional immediate and definitive prosthetic implant - mandibular arch / Intraoral solidarity - unique technique in Romania Patient S.U. is coming to the dentist with physiognomic appearance deteriorated due to both multiple partial edentulous maxilla and mandible. Fig. 1 - Initial situation on OPG – there are obvious areas of outstanding exposures tooth root which causes great sensitivity at excitations factors and also an increased mobility observed clinically. One may notice multiple carious lesions and not-edging nature, bad-adapted crown restorations and unstable dental contacts. Fig. 2 - Lingual bar titanium welding on prosthetic abutments. The role of the bar is to solidarize the implants and to give better stability provisional prosthesis. Welding lingual bar in Romania is a unique technique that is done only in our office. Fig. 3 and 4 - Acrylic resin provisional dental bridge with implant support. Fig. 5 - For impression is used an individual fenestrated spoon. Fig. 6 - Occlusal aspect of dental implants and alveolar mucosa. Fig. 7 - Prosthetic abutments are screwed down in the mouth - in the side sills were located away from the gum for better hygiene. Fig. 8 - It is cemented with silicone cement the metal-ceramic prostheses on the implant support. <<< back to clinical cases