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To be able to assess your dental status we should consult you at the dental chair. We know that this is hampered by the fact that you are not in Romania and we will give you the opportunity to receive a free online consultation. It's simple: A photo taken by a friend, a panoramic radiograph (scan) then a few words describing your problems and needs and together we have already managed to make the first steps for solving your problems. Next is the consultation in the dental chair and then we can prepare a treatment plan for a complete and complex oral rehabilitation, with several options for resolving prosthetics. Steps to follow: •   Complete the form with name, e-mail, address •   Attach all your current radiographs. If you do not have any radiographs don’t start making new     ones without a recommendation from us. •   Attach 3 photos as in the example below (you     can use a friend to make photos) [Example 3     photos]. •   Describe your current dental problems and your needs. You will still get an e-mail confirming the receipt of the data, you will be contacted by one of our doctors for further information and we will start to work on a treatment plan that will be sent to your by e-mail in no time.
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